Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Live reporting - Action Items

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3. Resolution 11-56: Amendment of FY 2012 Budget

to reduce the budget school budget line item by $350K

resolution made, seconded

Powderly - agree something said earlier tonight, that this measure is punitative, or punishing teachers, I thought about it hard, how to deal with this funding problem. What the research has shown me is that the SchCom has reserves that are available some restricted but some available. That can backfill this cut. That was primary for me to support this decision

Kelly - I think this boils down to a communication issue and it means we all need to communicate more. The biggest challenge we have is what do we say to the other police, fire etc in the town. It will likely result

Rohrbach - there are certain things that are reserved

Powderly - I was directed that the SchCom was not to answer any questions, I got this information via the Tonw Administrtor.

Rohrbach - what may be seen as simplistic is more complicated. The people where here for how long? And no one asked this question?

McGann - I find it hard to believe that all of here could have missed this?

Chandler Creedon - How do I deal with our teachers after our contract has been completed and negotiated on a sense of trust?

Whalen - I don't understand why it takes two years. We are broke! We have down sized 130 teachers and increase over 1000 students. It is extremely problematic for me. As long as raises are promised in a recess in a town where where there are no

Cafasso -figuring out the $350K is our job, the comments by the council have already jeopardized our bargaining position. Your decision is bottom line funding, let us do our job.

Mason - I am not going ot have another comment, we have a motion on the floor, let;s vote on it,

Unanimous roll call vote

1. Resolution 11-54:Chapter 61A – 1st Refusal Option – Land on Prospect Street
motion to approve, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 11-55: Refunding Bond Order
An interesting move to save money with advance refunding of some bonds that can be refinanced and money can be saved at about $28,000 per year for all those years. Plan to borrow the money on Nov 3rd.  It is a complicated process. Set up an escrow fund to pay off the fund that is not callable.

Pfeffer - Councilor Whalen caught this but shouldn't our contact have found this?
Dacey - He should have but he has been flat out with other refinancing like this.

motion to approve, passed 9-0

4. Resolution 11-57: Appropriation Stabilization Fund

motion to approve, passed 9-0
putting the money that was taken back from the school budget. Shouldn't we put this somewhere?

Mason - I don't think we can bite off more than we have already. I would recommend somehting be done but that be put on the next agenda? We are scheduled to meet Nov 2.

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