Monday, October 24, 2011

Live reporting - Candidates Night

Question panel

  • Jack Lank, United Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Gregg Chalk, Dean College
  • Mark Cataldo, Franklin resident (past Finance Committee member)
  • Heather McCarron, Milford Daily News

Moderator - Larry Benedetto

Format will be each candidate will get an introduction, be asked 2 questions and get an opportunity for a closing statement. We'll rotate among the incumbents and the challengers. Time limit for each intro, question and summary.

Town Clerk
Deb Bartlett, Deb Pellegri

Pellegri - here all her life, met many in the office, a long running position, experience is very important. Only 27 clerks since

Bartlett - I want to be your Town Clerk, got certified as notarty public, spent time shadowing two other town clerks, on Long Range Planning Committee, and multiple other organizations

Q - What qualifications do you have?
Pellegri - one of the first of 87 certified as a clerk. Clerk is listed in over 400 spots in MA general laws. Experience is required. Why change this now?

Q - What motivates you to run for this position?
Bartlett - I have been thinking of this for more than 2 years. I did not re-run for Council to prepare.

Q - Should this position be elected or appointed?
Pellegri - The voters are smart, they know who they want in this position. I think this should be up to the voters to choose.

Q - What do you want to improve as Town Clerk?
Bartlett - I want to work on the website, many times I have had to come down where I could have used the web site. I want to make this easier and better for the people.

Summary - Bartlett
There have been discussions between the current Clerk with candidates and people in her office while conducting other business that has created an unsavory atmosphere.
Decrease budget by reformatting annual report and reducing postage, paper, etc.
Will maintain the most professional approach for the Town Clerk

Summary - Pellegri
Elections are very important, elections do count. I have been honest over the years. I will continue to run the office as I have run it. Please remember change for the sake of change is not good, stop and think for a moment. Do you want to replace Tom Brady just for the sake of change?

Life long Franklin resident, graduated from FHS and Villanova. Served as Treasurer for 12 years, Finance Com prior to that. Current Chair of Retirement Council for Norfolk Council. (add other listings later)

Owner operator of a printing business here in Franklin. Goal to obtain certification, need to hold position prior to being eligible for certification

Q - What qualifications do you have for this position?
Dacey - I am certified, didn't occur until after 1st election. It is a long process. Part of Dacey Bros Dairy store business (16 stores). Office run very efficiently over the years by streamlining procedures. Entered a lock box process for payments. Year ago introduced online bill pay. Am forward thinking. Will continue to com up with new ideas.

Q - What do you think of this as appointed or elected?
Denommee - Obviously with the town voting on this in 2010, it should remain that way.

Q - What motivates you for this position?
Dacey - I enjoy getting up every morning. I want to do this until I retire. I figure about another 8 years before I retire. Working with the people in this building, refincancing to save about $400,000.

Q -
Denommee - Running a business successfully prepares me for this position. Looking at opportunities for savings, small things like the recent tax bill doesn't make reference to online bill pay.

Denommee - I am runing for this position becuase I will be an asset for the town. I will ensure that I achieve my certification in the timeilest manner the State allows. Without certification will probably be a reduction in compensation for this position, saving Franklin money for several years. Money in stabilization fund should not be used for subsidizing operations, should be invested at the highest rate possible

Dacey - committed to work until I retire, during my time here two bodn ratings upgrades. 10 years on FinCom and 12 as Treasure, hence 22 town budgets. Online bill pay and lockbox are introductions that provide service and reduce cost. No fees with new bank for moving account. Billing paid for at postage cost, no payment required for 30,000 bills. Most qualified candate for this election

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