Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"focused on maintaining excellent teachers and principals"

The topic was teacher evaluations, a system that is to be discussed, and very likely changed, in the negotiations for the Franklin Education Association contract. 
"The current evaluation system is out of date. It has been out of date for a long time," said union President Chandler Creedon, who spoke along with union Vice President Donna Grady, as well as Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski and Assistant Superintendent Sally Winslow. "When we finished this past contract, one of my concerns was that we hadn't touched this." 
Creedon said the current evaluations, which rely in large part on an administrator sitting in on a single class, breed distrust. 
"In the past, the goal was always to get through the observation," Creedon said. "You would have to perform. Someone would have to come watch you perform. There was always that feeling that somebody was out to 'get' you."

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The presentation document that was used during the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011:

Franklin Public Schools: Performance Based Evaluations

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