Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Live reporting - Closing


Pfeffer - to open up the stabilization fund the money that we put aside tonight

Nutting - it is not the right time to be doing anything until next fiscal year. You just spent 2 hours telling people not to incur expenses

McGann - I didn't relaize we had another meeting, I'll save my comments for then
Kelly - Happy halloween and drive safe

Whalen - did we ever consider having trick or treat on a better day? some communities do? Monday is the worse day.

Nutting - Not if your 6 years old

Whalen - how are you going to solve this issue and there was no suggestion of anything other than some windfall. We have to have some known sources. This was a fundamental disagreement on fiscal issues.

Pfeffer - If this is not the time to do so, what about the two bodies we let go?
Nutting - it wasn't bodies, those were vacancies. It went through the FinCom last week and it is on the agenda for next week.

Pfefer - did we not just hire somebody for the DPW?
Nutting - when you hire somebody it takes time, if we start now, it could bring them on for a few months and then potentially let them go.

Mason - this was a little bit of an unsettling issues, in my six years, this is the only time I have seen the Council in lock step. It is never our intention to be punitive. It was never about our teachers. We have children in schools, two of us were teachers. It is an argument that you can not make. Reminder that on Nov 8th you have a chance to vote on the new council and new school committee and other positions.

O.EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


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