Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"When the time comes, we'll be as generous as we can"

Both last night and next Tuesday's training are held in executive session, as the training process includes applying the negotiating style to real examples of issues within the community, Mullen said. 
"We will be talking about actual Franklin situations, so we can really practice going through the motions," Mullen said. 
Sabolinski added that, while decisions will not be made on contracts in the training, the topics the group will tackle in the upcoming project will be identified. 
Union president Chandler Creedon said he worries that a new negotiating process could be worthless without support from Town Council. 
"One of the things interest-based bargaining is based on is trust, and I'm not sure we have any trust in Franklin at this point because of what the Town Council did," Creedon said, referring to a late-October decision by the council to cut $350,000 from the School Department's budget.

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