Thursday, April 5, 2012

"adopted lower trash fees"

In the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, there were four major items discussed:

  • the capital budget
  • within it were items for the Library
  • discussion on Fire Dept staffing
  • adoption of the lower trash fee (reduced from $220 to $204)

Part of the Milford Daily News reporting on the meeting:
Town Council also approved funding for library items not on the agenda, unanimously supporting $10,000 for library salaries and $40,000 for library materials, both from the free cash account. 
The move was in anticipation of a state vote tomorrow to reconsider the library’s certification and show that the town financially supports its library, Library Director Felicia Oti said. 
The library lost its certification in February, in part because about 27 percent of its funding was cut in the last budget cycle, said a spokeswoman from the state’s Board of Library Commissioners.

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