Monday, April 2, 2012

In the News - gun sales, A Cut Above, pastel arts, cross walk

Police differed on whether the increases are noteworthy. Police chiefs in Franklin and Medway, for example, said they noticed no spikes in licensing activity recently. 
Wrentham Police Lt. Michael Robillard said he seems busier with gun permits lately. His department issued 60 Class A licenses last year, up from 46 in 2010, state records show.

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Should a high school student from the area get her prom-style hair and nails done at A Cut Above in downtown Franklin, the salon will offer her a dress, free of charge. 
“Myself and the stylists that work here, we were all talking about the expense of the prom,” A Cut Above owner Pam Smith said, noting that prom hair and nails can cost $80 or more. “Really, between us we had quite a few dresses hanging in our closets.”

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Look at her luminous scenes of Downtown Crossing or the Hotel Lenox rising into the Boston night and you’ll know why. 
The Franklin resident earned her place in the selective society by showing a portfolio that included vibrant pastels from a series she calls “Reflections of the City’’ that bathe Newbury Street in brilliant colors.

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Good Friday ‘Cross Walk’ scheduled on town common

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