Sunday, September 2, 2012

"this is kind of a balancing act"

What is a balancing act? Managing health care costs. Many communities are found not to be managing their health care costs aggressively. Franklin (and Medway) are singled out in this report by the Milford Daily News for having reduced their costs as much as the State program offered!
Among the Daily News' other findings, from reports to the state comparing existing local plans to GIC offerings and from the paper's survey of the most heavily subscribed municipal plans: 
n Two-thirds of cities and towns don't include deductibles in their plans or do so for just some of their offerings. Those that do have largely followed the GIC's lead of setting levels at $250 for individuals and $750 for families. In Medway, though, the amounts are $1,000 and $2,000, respectively. Hopkinton is also trying to get new employees on a plan with similar deductibles. 
n Medway is listed as having saved as much as the GIC, along with just one other town - Franklin
n Two-thirds of cities and towns carry plans that don't charge workers for high-tech scans, and several don't include co-pays for hospitalizations and outpatient surgeries.

There are additional finding in this report, you can read more here:

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