Monday, September 3, 2012

Update: New Franklin High School

What has happened since the Franklin voters approved the debt exclusion for the new Franklin High School?
While it seems like nothing has been happening, the Building Committee has been quite busy. The paperwork was all completed so that the project could get out to bid which it did, on schedule. The bids are due this month.

What time line are we looking at now?
The construction will occur during three stages.
"Stage one begins on Oct. 12 and runs until the middle of June 2013. Phase two starts on Aug. 16, 2013, ending in the fall of 2014, as students move into their 306,543-square-foot school.
And the razing of the old building and planting of the new field gets under way shortly after, finishing up sometime in the spring of 2015."

How can I find out what is happening during these three stages?
"Since the project's earliest days, the School Building Committee has maintained an active social media campaign built around community awareness. This summer, committee member Ed Cafasso rolled out an updated website and Facebook page as part of the effort. 
"Social Media, especially Facebook, has been critical for a project like this, because so much of it is visual," Cafasso said. "It allows you to post pictures and renderings and share those easily. Based on what we saw during the early campaign, the Facebook page will be a valuable tool for keeping people in touch with all the latest developments over the next two years."

You can read more about the current status in the Milford Daily News:

You can view the updated webpage for the new Franklin High School here

or follow the progress on Facebook here

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