Thursday, September 6, 2012

Franklin's roads need regular maintenance

This topic was scheduled for the Town Council meeting on Wednesday night yet this article mentions that the report will be given to the "Town Councilors on Thursday". So was it previewed as scheduled at the meeting and then a copy will be sent to the Councilors? Not clear.

What is clear is that the roads do need more maintenance than has been spent on them. This has been recognized in the Long Range Financial Planning Committee's report and mentioned regularly by the Town Administrator and DPW Director.

DPW Director Robert Cantoreggi said it is cheaper to maintain roads in fair or good condition than to deal with ones requiring extensive rehabilitation. His plan would prioritize maintenance so that certain roads are kept in good condition and never allowed to deteriorate. 
The life cycle of a road is about 25 years, though it can be prolonged. As it ages, the road becomes costlier and costlier to rejuvenate. 
"We want to use the most cost-effective maintenance program at the right time," Cantoreggi said.
The report prepared by an outside firm gives Wachusett St, recently rebuilt, a rating of 99. So to help frame the discussion, if this road was recently rebuilt and it only gets a 99, what is holding it back from getting a 100?

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For reference the Long Range Report can be found here

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