Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Experience Life as Upper, Middle, or Low Income Citizen at Dean College Hunger Banquet

Experience Life as Upper, Middle, or Low Income Citizen at Dean College Hunger Banquet

Dean Community Outreach invites guests to an interactive learning experience banquet promoting hunger awareness, featuring a complimentary meal & guest speaker.

Franklin, MA (October 15, 2012) – Taking a "can drive" one step further, Dean College invites the Franklin and surrounding communities to a public "Hunger Banquet" on Tuesday, November 13, in which participants will experience a meal either as an Upper Income citizen, Middle Income citizen, or Lower Income citizen.

Dean Community Outreach students conceptualized and will emcee this learning experience where guests will be assigned a class upon arrival and will experience life as a member of that class for the duration of the program.  Upper income class guests will receive a scrumptious meal served to them in an upper class setting at a roundtable.  Middle income class guests will experience their meal middle class meal at rectangular tables, while the lower income class experiences their meal on the floor.

"The stunning visual aspect of this meal is unfortunately an accurate representation of the issue of Hunger in the United States, and beyond," said Shannon Overcash, Staff Adviser to the Dean Community Outreach student group.  "While most people are aware that hunger is a problem out there, many do not realize it can be a problem very close to home, even here in Franklin.  Bringing you're children, friends, or spouses to experience it first-hand will be very beneficial to yourself and the community."

Guests are invited to experience this program free of charge, however, Dean Community Outreach students ask that each guests bring with them a canned food donation which will go to the Franklin Food Pantry.  In addition to the meal experience, a representative from the Franklin Food Pantry will speak to guests about the hunger and poverty in the Franklin area.

Event Details:
When: Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7:00pm
Who: Dean Community Outreach, Franklin Food Pantry
Where: Dean College Campus Center (109 W. Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038)
Why: To help promote awareness surrounding poverty & hunger in the local community & beyond.

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