Sunday, October 14, 2012

''I cannot rectify it,'' he said, ''with the woman I know.''

'I find it hard to believe that she was an individual who decided to falsify lab results ... that she would turn into someone who did something like that. ... That isn't the person I remember,'' said John Warner, an instructor who gave her A's and A-minuses in 2000 when she took his biochemistry class as a senior at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. 
''Obviously, things can happen to people,'' he said. ''Either something happened in her life that changed the person that she is, or this is a deeper story.'' 
Dookhan's struggle with both personal and professional problems in 2009 - including a miscarriage and a legal ruling that put new pressures on chemists at the lab - may help offer an explanation, one former co-worker said.

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