Friday, November 2, 2012

Winslow endorsed Eustis

NORFOLK (October 16, 2012)-- State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk) today endorsed Rich Eustis for election to the Massachusetts House in the neighboring towns of Franklin and Medway and urged all residents to vote Eustis on November 6. "As the only elected Republican House member who lives in Norfolk County, I need more help to solve problems and get Massachusetts working again," said Winslow. Of particular concern, noted Winslow, is the need to end the one-Party monopoly domination of state government. "The Democrats vote as a bloc nearly 100% of the time with the Speaker and the Speaker doesn't give two hoots about Franklin or Medway," said Winslow. "And when a good Democrat like my friend Jim Valle had the courage to stand up to the machine, they chewed him up and treated him disrespectfully. We shouldn't reward that thuggish behavior by sending another Democrat to the House from this area." 
Winslow noted that any Democrat elected would be expected to vote as part of the monopoly or face the consequences. In the past two years, Democrats have voted on a party-line basis as directed by the Speaker in significant votes that Winslow claims have hurt this region. "All or nearly all Democrats voted with the Speaker to kill a proposal to make it easier for homeowners to refinance jumbo mortgages to take advantage of low interest rates; rejected an amendment to allow towns near a casino to receive mitigation payments; shot down a proposal to require utility companies to trim branches away from power lines and to rebate consumers for extended blackouts; rebuffed a proposal to offer consumers a choice of basic health plans that would have reduced the cost of health coverage for individuals and families by at least 25% immediately; crushed a GOP-led effort to update the House ethics rules after the felony conviction of the third Speaker in a row; and evaded a proposal by "studying" it which would have prohibited illegal aliens from receiving public welfare benefits. The Democrats even voted on a party-line with the Speaker against legalizing sparklers on the 4th of July, despite sparklers being legal in 46 states!" 
"Rich Eustis is smart, hard working and articulate and would be a great partner to help me get things done in state government," said Winslow. "If people want change, we can't keep sending the same one-Party monopoly back to Beacon Hill and expecting a different result. I enthusiastically endorse Rich for Representative and urge all voters in Franklin and Medway to give him their vote on November 6."

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