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Pantherbook: Goodbye Access Road

The School Building Committee has an update scheduled for Weds Nov 14 in the Council Chambers at 7:00 PM.The update will cover the different stages of construction, how the traffic patterns will be affected and where the project is currently. This will be a good time to hear and discuss what is being planned for traffic during the construction that will be taking place for the next two years.

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The new school is on it's way and will begin construction in November,but with the access road being cut off by Monday, students are forced to leave earlier in the mornings, resulting in even less sleep for us.

I already have to make my way through the day running on six or sometimes less hours of sleep with all my homework, after school activities and attempting to make time for my social life. Getting up earlier just to get to school is the worst thing anyone could tell me right now.

I am a junior in Franklin and I will not even benefit from the new high school. I do not see the new school  as a benefit to me therefore I am frustrated that I will have to wake up earlier just to be able to park in my school!

Even with the access road  helping the flow of traffic into the bustling high school in the morning, there is still an overflowing amount of cars piling into the parking lot.

"It takes me long enough to get here with all the traffic in the morning already. I park in H wing so I don't use the access road but I see how many cars go through the road to get to school after dropping off a sibling or something" says Erica Lutazzi, Junior at Franklin High School.
I have to drop off my sibling before I get to school and then use the access as an easy way to get into the senior parking lot. Without the access road I will just be even later arriving, and I get up at 5:45 every morning!

"I am not worried about the access road being shut down but for others it could be an issue" says Lutazzi.

While some students don't see the problem with the road being closed off while the new school is under construction, I see this as another struggle for me to get to school every morning.

What is the faculty going to do to help the overflowing traffic? Do we have to wake up even earlier just to get a parking spot? All I know is I get up early enough and cannot see many other students waking up that much earlier either.

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  1. Wow,this is so telling at so many levels, I do not know where to begin.

    Ken Norman

  2. Indeed, the Information Session on Nov 14th should have some interesting discussions.