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FHS Pantherbook: AP The Right Way?

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The toughest thing at Franklin High School at this time seems to be the AP courses the school has to offer. But this year the dreaded AP classes have taken on more attention with sophomores being eligible for the courses adding a whole new grade and a whole new perspective of the highest class FHS has to offer. So that brings up the question Is it even worth it?

The tales of AP can be good or bad, but we all know one thing about the class it invites a lot of stress into the student if they decide to take it. With summer work, four hour homework assignments, endless projects and exams one might think Why even go through the trials and tribulations?

"I think with this new program we have now is good" AP U.S. History teacher Mr. Leighton said " I think that it is good for sophomores especially to ease into the program so for example history they can take two years to prepare for the exam and see if they can handle the class or not."

An AP class is the precedent of all learning program and classes, When colleges see advanced placement next to your name in an application they immediately stop what they are doing and start paying more attention. Also with AP it gets you ready for college studies so when you get their you are not jumping off the walls and staying up all night doing assignments.
But with all that in mind some might argue that you cant succeed in college if you are already burnt out mentally from all the AP classes you took in high school and you need to ease into it.

"I think anyone can do it if they are dedicated" Mr. Leighton said " Its not a select special group of people who can do it, anyone student can do it but they have to put in the work and put in their best effort."

When asked about his AP experience sophomore Jake Bontempo said "It is hard but I know that if I keep practicing at it and get better at it I will have a better understanding of the material."
It should be interesting to see how everything turns out with now three grades at FHS eligible for AP Classes and It should be exciting to see the feed back from the class that revels  the true character of students.

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