Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finance Committee - 01/08/13

The Finance Committee reviewed the DPW's capital requests and eventually approved the first phase of a capital budget. Jeff Nutting, Town administrator, explained that they are taking a cautious approach to the capital budget this year. Our needs are great, there is free cash available, but there is also uncertainty with State revenues currently under what was forecasted. If the State makes cuts to the local aid, then we would be better off holding some of this money to help cover for that situation. If that resolves itself, we can still use the free cash as planned for other capital requirements.

So this first phase reflects the more critical needs of the various departments. The Town Council will still need to provide their approval.

The individual posts reported live from the Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, Jan 8th:

Many of the vehicles referenced during the DPW discussion were on view during the "Touch a Truck" event held in May 2012 in conjunction with the Library Book Sale.

BookSale_20120519 014

Other photos from this event can be viewed here

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