Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating Solar at FUSF

The 1 year anniversary of the solar installation at the First Universalist Society of Franklin was celebrated on Sunday, Mar 17. This was the rescheduled date. It was snowed out in February.

FUSF solar installation

John Tehan, Solar Power Sales Representative for Second Generation Energy provided an overview of the electricity generated and savings that resulted.

John Tehan presenting

His presentation document can be viewed here:

John's talk was rather interactive as many questions were answered along the way. Some of my notes from this session can be found here:

  • MA is the second best state in the US (behind California) for solar energy when considering two key factors. One, the exposure to sun. Two, the cost of electricity.
  • The FUSF panels were projected to generate 11,511 KwH and actually generated 12,693.
  • The KwHs generated are the equivalent of 21 barrels of oil, or 1004 gallons of gas, or by planting 230 trees.

There are five key factors that help MA residents take advantage of solar

  1. Clean Energy Center provides rebates
  2. There is a 30% Federal tax credit
  3. There is a 15% state tax credit
  4. Solar should provide savings on purchasing electricity
  5. There are Solar Renewal Energy Credits (SREC) currently worth about $200 per credit per year.

  • They use a special device that will calculate the sun and shade for the houses roof. If the exposure is not more than 80%, it is not likely to be recommended to install solar.
  • One side benefit from a solar panel installation is that there is a reduction in icebanks on the roof. The panels heat up as they generate electricity which melts the snow and can create some avalanches as the snow slides off the roof.

If you are interested in exploring solar panels for your residence, feel free to contact John directly.

John Tehan
Solar Power Sales RepresentativeSecond Generation Energy12 Rosenfeld DriveHopedale, MA 01747 Office: 800-653-4270

If you would like to view the solar energy monitor for the FUSF installation visit this link

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