Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring gardening (photo essay)

St Patrick's Day saw a whole bunch of folks getting dirty at the Community Gardens. Originally planned for some early planting, the soil was really too cold for that, but there were other activities to get into the green spirit.

Four new raised garden beds were installed. Three are shown here. The fourth is not far away.

new raised garden beds

Starter kits were made with empty plastic milk jugs. You cut around below the handle but not completely through. This provides opens to provide access to the square bottom and closes to provide a cover.

seed starter from a plastic jug

Using a hammer, puts some holes in the bottom of the jug to allow water to drain through.

the garden work table

Then fill with some good soil and some seeds.

sample of seeds being planted

Add water and tape together. Susan Baker proudly holds her finished product.

Susan Baker is ready

Pea seeds were available for taking.

pea seeds

The shed now has rain water barrels installed (Thanks Rich!)

rain barrels

The shed also has an announcement board installed (Thanks Rich!)

announcement board

In April, and hopefully warmer weather, there will be another scheduled event with a gardening theme at the Community Gardens. Get your green thumbs ready!

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