Friday, March 22, 2013

Trivia Bee (photo slide show)

The annual Franklin Education Foundation Trivia Bee was held last night at the Mercer Auditorium, Horace Mann middle School. Each team was sponsored by a business or group. Some teams were represented by members of that group, others were filled in by Franklin High School students. Good fun was had with the music theme. Some of the questions involved clips of music to be identified. One of the clips was played in real-time by the High School Jazz Band ("the A Train").

The five teams that made it to the final round were
  • Horace Mann PCC
  • Franklin School Committee
  • Keller PCC
  • ECDC
  • Remington PCC

Update: The Franklin School Committee won the final round and overall title!

A slide show of most of the sponsored teams is available here:

("Most" as there are 26 in this first pass, so I need to figure out which 4 teams I missed and add those.)

For more about the Franklin Education Foundation, you can find them on Facebook or visit their webpage


  1. Thanks for the coverage, Steve! Thanks to all who participated and attended. Kit Brady