Saturday, March 23, 2013

"I feel like I belong there"

The Milford Daily News has an article about a new skating team in Franklin that is preparing to compete.
The team originally consisted of Brianna Cummings, Madigan Smith, Alexandra Sousa, Michaela DeToma, and Holly Swinamer. Since those five girls first skated, the team has nearly quadrupled. It now has 19 girls from Franklin and area towns. 
The team, based out of Franklin’s Pirelli Arena, made a mark when Holly Swinamer’s mother, Tracey, approached team coach Joanna Zehme about a competition in Danbury, Conn. – The Holiday Challenge. 
"Honestly, we were so new and had such a small team, I wasn’t sure we could get enough skaters interested in traveling out of state for an overnight competition," Zehme said.

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