Monday, March 18, 2013

“If it snows again I’m going to scream”

Milford Daily News recaps the area school year ending days due to the snow and weather days missed.
Franklin has also used four of its snow days, bringing that town's last day to June 25, the latest in this area. However, Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski said Franklin runs little risk of hitting the limit. 
“We would really need four more snow days,” Sabolinski said. She said even with another major blizzard, that many snow days is unlikely. She credited the Department of Public Works Department for clearing the roads so quickly in the last blizzard. 
Since Franklin starts after Labor Day every year, Sabolinski said the town is at a higher risk of hitting the deadline than other districts. 
“We send out a letter at the beginning of the season to let parents know ahead of time and say, ‘in the worst case scenario, this is what we’d look at doing,’” Sabolinski said. She said the options include cutting into April vacation or holding Saturday school.

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