Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring green for the budget season

Doesn't exactly feel like spring with so much snow around. It is March. The Ides of March approach on Friday. St Patrick's Day on Sunday. There should be lots of green around this weekend.

Community Garden
Community garden bed

There will be green on the minds for some Franklin discussions this week beginning with the School Committee meeting Tuesday evening. The school budget is proposed to be $54,307,969 an increase of $1,597,969 or 3.03% over the current year budget.
The full set of budget documents for the school budget can be found here

The Finance Committee opens its series of budget hearing with meetings on Weds and Thurs. Both nights beginning at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers on the 2nd Floor of the Municipal building.

I find the Finance Committee budget hearings to greatly insightful. They tend to be more collegial and more informational than the Town Council budget hearings (sorry Councilors!). If you really want to find out what goes into the budget, the interviews with each of the department managers during the series of budget hearings, I think is the very best time to do so. I learn so much from each of these sessions.

Budget Hearing (3/13/13)
Assessors - 141             A-10
Board of Health - 510    E-1
Public Health - 525         E-6
Planning - 175                A-40
COA - 541                    E-7
Recreation - 630            F-7
Town Council - 111       A-1
Town Admin - 123        A-2
Fin Comm - 131            A-4
Comptroller - 135          A-5
Treasurer - 147             A-14
Legal - 151                   A-21
Central Services - 196  A-53

Action Items (3/14/13)
Request for Funds: Pedestrian Safety Signal - Parmenter School $35,000
Request for Funds: Del Carte Recreation Improvements $395,000

Budget Hearing
Inspection - 240                  B-67
Appeals - 177                     A-39
Police - 210                         B-1
Parking Meters - 293           B-74
DPW - 422                          D-1
Streetlights                          D-21
Enterprise Funds                 H-1
School Dept - 300               C-1
Information Systems - 155   A-30

The full agenda for the FinCom meeting on Wednesday

The full agenda for the FinCom meeting on Thursday

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