Friday, March 15, 2013

"assist with the unfunded mandates"

The Milford Daily News reports on the budget hearing from Thursday night:
The town’s portion of the more than $27 million in improvements planned for the Charles River Pollution Control District treatment plant has decreased by a half a million dollars, significantly reducing the proposed fiscal year 2014 sewer budget. 
Jeffrey Nutting gave the Finance Committee the news on Thursday, during its second night of hearings to review the $95,109,701 FY ’14 budget. The change in Franklin’s commitment to the Charles River project brought the sewer budget down by about $800,000, to $3,652,810. 
Franklin must cover 67 percent of the total cost to the plant, while Medway’s share will be 16.75 percent, or $4.6 million. Millis and Bellingham will foot the remainder.

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While the sewer budget will decrease the sewer rates were already set so there won't be an immediate change. The real impact will be in the future where due to this decrease the anticipated increase to cover the DEP mandated enhancements to the plant will be less which would mean that the rate increase to cover that assessment would be less. Still it is good news but not an immediate effect on the rates we pay today.

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