Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow budget update

Has the snow buried the Franklin budget? Not yet anyway.

snow pile
snow pile along RT 140

From the Town Council meeting on Weds, they did take steps to authorize spending additional money for snow removal if required. 

4. Resolution 13-11:Authorization to Expend Funds in Excess of Available Appropriations motion to approve, 9-0 via roll call 
standard request for coverage of the snow and ice during winter, likely to get to it spent approx $700K against the $900K budget

Given the length of the storm and current costs of snow removal, this was a timely move. It is likely that the budget was exceeded with this recent storm. In January, the DPW updated their presentation on snow removal and you can find that here

You can find the full recap and all the links from the live reporting I posted during the Town Council meeting here

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