Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Live reporting - Closing

need to get dates for the budget hearings in May


Jeff visited Regent Circle, one of the 20 worst streets according to the study
can we make temporary repairs, yes
we need lots of money to fix the neighborhood, fix the water main as well
even with all the money, we couldn't do it, we are booked solid
I recommended a road repair override for $1.5M
in good years it has been great but in lean years there has been nothing
they need a street and a new water line
the only way we get there is with money
the combination of the road and water line usually get to the list
we'd rather do neighborhoods than one-offs

Steve - my comment would be that several years ago we were the top five, yet now we are further down the line
patched a water main break improperly repaired
my home is kept up, if a realtor would drive down the road, good luck to try and sell
it merits being pushed up the list
we have called in and not gotten results

Kelly - we are booked solid, is there something we can do

Nutting - we can spend small money to get by but need more to do more
the big issue is what are we going to do with the streets

Steve - the temporary repairs are not well made, throwing patch down is not going to hold

Pfeffer - we have only a certain amount of money that we can spend, we can't do it on a piece meal basis

Bissanti - conditions have changed over the years, can we revisit the list to see of some of the scores require shifting

Nutting - the list was just done by an outside engineering firm and it is not six months old. When you're in the top 20 out of 400 streets, that was bad. We went outside to get this down to avoid our internal potential bias

Bissanti - can we send some DPW out to re-valuate this list?

Nutting - even if he moves up two streets, what does it change?

Vallee - we have little money, we'll keep an eye on it

Steve - if we end up doing spot repairs, please don't send out DPW guys

Traffic issue -
Nutting - it is MassHighway issue
I think we can get them out there again. I don't see them putting a light in there
The Chief is well aware of it, we'll get with MassHighway to see what more we can do

Chief - it needs another hard look, I don't know how to tell the state

BJ's has offered to pay for the electricity for the light, the State won't
No one wants to take the ownership

Nutting - The state owns the road
Their standards are based upon the uniform traffic code

Powderly -I don't think anyone is disagreeing with the dangers and the bruses, we are on the side of the residents, there are limits to what we can do, we'll go through the arguments and new facts (new businesses coming)

Jeff Roy - arrives (8:04)

Jones - I am sorry for your accident and the issue
my question Jeff is an expense of the light?

Nutting - 100,000-200,000 to get it installed
it needs to be engineered, that will take time
I don't think the additional businesses will add significant traffic, it would be a deminimus increase

Powderly - in summary we are going to contact the State to redo this

Bissanti - will they take the accidents into consideration

Nutting - give us a couple of weeks to figure it out and we'll keep you posted

Roy - I am sorry I am late for the meeting and discussion, in my role as Rep I was contacted, we are opening an investigation and in touch with MassDOT so we can get everyone involved and get addressed

Diane Martin - re-opening the Regent Circle issue

Bissanti - there is a committee to put up flags when veterans pass on

Mercer - steel continuing to rise, another three-four weeks of erection, then followed by brick installations
received letter from resident, asked to be read note of thanks to Fire Dept and EMTs

Dellorco - we will stay on this and get something done

Powderly - capital budget round two, look at roads in that round? We have a system, if we have that ability I'd like to consider it

Jones - thank to the residents for coming out to express their interests
Franklin Downtown Partnership has announced their events for this year, visit their webpage for the schedule

Bissanti - it is frustrating to me as a citizen and as a businessman it is a difficult time for decisions like this. If we were to go with a dedicated override, you can help us in that regard

Roy - thanks to Councilor Mercer for sharing that letter

Nutting - between 45-50 million would cover the roads,
replacing an existing road you can only borrow for 5 years, the state gives us $900K or $700K and it depends. The problem is it is not consistent. The other streets were where water mains were replaced. Water mains can be paid back over 15-20 years. We have 400 roads

Vallee - it is a fact on how little there is, Winterberry was repaved

Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required 


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