Sunday, March 31, 2013

"it’s getting better, but it’s not great"

At Northeastern University’s Center for Labor Market Studies, director Andrew Sum uses data collected in the census to estimate how many people stopped actively looking for work in 2011 and 2012. 
In data compiled monthly during the past two years, the number of people in Massachusetts who were unemployed, wanted jobs but had stopped looking was about 108,000. 
They gave up.
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You don't need to give up. In addition to the state Workforce Development Centers in Framingham (as mention in this article) or in Milford (the closest to Franklin), there are networking groups around. If you choose to be actively involved in your job search, you can find a group.

In Hopkinton, there is a group meeting every other week at St John the Evangelist Church Parish Center. During the better part of the two years that I was looking for work, this group was a great resource.

On June 14th, there will be a Job Search Jam Session held in conjunction with the Hopkinton Networking Group. For a nominal cost (about $10), you get coffee, lunch and snacks during the day long event. There will be sessions to provide information on what you need at the moment in your search. Sessions on your resume, the use of LinkedIn, networking, and other similar topics will be offered.

You can visit the event webpage and sign up for future updates via email.

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