Thursday, April 4, 2013

Town Council - 04/03/13

The summary of posts from the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013 can be found here.

Two issues brought out a bunch of citizens to the Council meeting. One group presented a petition to get their road which has not been rebuilt in the 50 years it has existed repaired. The second group was lobbying for improvements to the BJ intersection where since the lights were taken out, the traffic has become more dangerous.

There are no simple solutions to either situation. On the one hand, Franklin needs 45-50 million dollars to get well with its roads. Even if it had the money, all the repairs could not be done at once. On the second problem, the State owns that section of the road and controls what happens there.

The situations will be addressed through the appropriate channels and hopefully we'll be able to report on some progress soon.

In other action at the Council meeting, there were several pieces of zoning bylaw adjustments sent to the Planning Board. These bylaws would permit medical marijuana businesses in specific areas (Forge Park Industrial area, for example). The bylaws would be subject to public hearing, adjustment and eventual approval by the Planning Board before coming back to the Town Council for two public hearings and eventual vote.

The Town Council also approved a payment in lieu of taxes (pilot) agreement with the Franklin TV cable access group.that had been negotiated. It is hoped that other non-profits would develop some similar agreements.

Live reporting - Closing
Live reporting: Legislation
Live reporting: Town Council - Apr 3, 2013

The text and accompanying pictures for the petition can be found here

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