Saturday, April 6, 2013

"We need to go back and re-evaluate"

Initiated during the Citizens Comments during the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, the issue of the intersection at BJ's was discussed during the New Business section and reported on by the Milford Daily News here.
The accident opened old wounds for the West Central Street neighborhood of some 80 homes. For Jenkins and her husband, Gordon, though this crash hit close to home, it was not a surprise. 
While jamming on their brakes and laying on their horns, they and several other Conlyn Avenue residents have been lobbying the town and the state to install a full traffic light there for years. 
They’ve written letters, sent in petitions, gone to the State House, attended Planning Board and Town Council meetings and even stood about the intersection with "STOP" signs, all for naught. 
Because the Massachusetts Department of Transportation owns the roadway, the town cannot install a traffic light. And MassDOT won’t act in large part because not enough traffic passes through the intersection to warrant a light.

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For all the reporting on what happened at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, check here

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