Thursday, May 30, 2013

Age appropriate there and here

Bernie DeKoven, the Chief Deep Funster, writes;
John Taylor Gatto’s article, The Curriculum of Play, is visionary in its scope, and deeply validating for anyone who believes in the kind of education that takes place when children are free and at play. Perhaps I am so drawn to it because I’ve spent so much of my life, since 1971 and the publication of my Interplay Games Curriculum, and the years of teaching and training that led up to it. Nevertheless, dear Deep Funster, I decided to assume that at least some of Gatto’s article would be as affirming to your beliefs as it was to mine. I am not in total agreement. But if I were, it probably wouldn’t be as much fun to read.

He also includes this video about "Schools of Trust"

So coming off the post and video, I find out that at least Franklin teachers will be doing a 45 writing prompt for K-2 to prepare something for the teachers in September to use. Students in 3-5th grade will get 2 forty-five minute periods for this writing exercise. This is not part of the Writers Workshop curriculum that is used by the district. So excuse me! 45 minutes for a K student without assistance? And Franklin touts their age appropriate educational experience? You gotta be kidding?

You can read Bernie's full posting here

I would be curious to find out how widespread this writing prompt exercise is. Unfortunately, I have not been  able to attend many School Committee meetings due to my work with the Food Pantry. If you hear of this in your school, please share.

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