Friday, May 31, 2013

"reform the laws and respect the rights of the citizens"

The Gun Control Forum held at Dean College and hosted by Rep Jeff Roy was reported on in the Milford Daily News.

"I ask for continued, thoughtful, reasoned and sane debate as we go forward in these next few months," Naughton said, adding that a new piece of legislation will be ready for the House in the fall. 
Nearly 100 people, with wide-ranging views on gun control, attended the more than hour-long talk on gun legislation, hosted by state Rep. Jeffrey Roy, D-Franklin. The 7-person panel included a gun rights lobbyist and police chief, professors and legislators. 
Franklin Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said gun licensing rules need tuning, saying, "Legislators are trying to do the best they can."

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The 1998 legislation as referenced in the article can be read here

The full document for H 3253 as filed by Rep Linsky can be viewed here

From the same page, you can search for other related legislation as filed this year.

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