Thursday, May 30, 2013

"a record of perfect attendance since kindergarten"

One tried, one let it happen. Both students ended up with perfect attendance records as they graduate from Franklin High School.

"When I was up late doing homework or something, I always wanted to take a day off," Lauren said of making it through high school without a sick day. "A lot of my friends would do that. But my mom pushed me to keep up with it: ‘You made it this far,’ she said, ‘just keep going.’" 
Combined, the teenagers completed more than 4,000 school days. After middle school, honored by teachers and administrators, they realized just how far they’d gone without missing any classes. 
For Lauren, the award compelled her to keep the record going through high school: "It was a motivator for me." 
Tom, however, was indifferent. "I wasn’t trying for a record," he said. "I just went whenever I could, and it happened to be every day."

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