Sunday, May 26, 2013

"We strategically add seats"

Today's issue of the Milford Daily News reviews the school choice program and how local districts use it. Franklin stopped adding students via school choice in 2007 due to the budget cuts.
Under the School Choice program, public school districts can vote to accept students from outside their district. The student’s home district pays the receiving district a tuition of up to $5,000 each year a student is enrolled in the receiving district. Districts that join School Choice can limit how many students they want to accept each year, but cannot remove a student once he or she enrolls through the program. 
Since School Choice was created in 1991, out-of-district students have enrolled in the Holliston school system at a high rate, drawn by the district’s French immersion classes and Montessori education, said Superintendent Brad Jackson. 
This year was no exception as 120 out-of-district students enrolled in the Holliston school system through School Choice, while just six students left the district through the program. Through the program, the district received about $650,000 in revenue, which Jackson said is used to offset budget costs and reduce the impact on Holliston’s taxpayers.
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