Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FHS - Construction update and quality check wall

Between the showers on Saturday, I stopped for some photos at the new Franklin High School.
cranes in position to work

The framing of the walls is just starting. According to Building Committee Chairman Tom Mercer, they are on schedule to have the exterior complete before the winter sets in. The building walls, windows, doors and roof will be complete and what will remain will be all the interior work.

walls getting framed
When I was here Apr 24, the yellow wall sections were just getting into place.

the front corner getting a roof
Roofing sections are now being placed as well.

The back corner
I was curious to see the 'quality wall' that Tom Mercer mentioned during his update at a recent Town Council meeting. This is a good and recent innovation by the MSBA. Each of the subcontractors works to do their thing to put this 'quality wall' together. The architect can then observe the product in this test section before they work on the real building.

quality wall
This allows the architect to confirm that the materials and process are being used as specified and that the end result is what they were looking for.

quality wall - side view
This quality wall will be taken down but serves a good purpose with minimal expense and effort!

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