Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Live reporting: closing

nothing tonight

nothing tonight

Vallee - discussion on road repairs
Nutting - discussion on amount for an ongoing repairs, how much could be done per year. Should be a dedicated override vs a bond issue. Payback on the bond issue would require 2M a year on a 5M bond
under the law now, you can earmark amount for an override with only a change due to another vote by the general public

Roy - I would an enjoy a presentation on the options that can be consider
what roads would be consider, what returns would be covered

Bissanti - frankly the road situation is not good, we have to address it, the citizens have been concerned and have been participatory, we have to address it. I don't like spending money but we need to review it

Mercer - not only the roads but the water and sewer are underneath it

Nutting - we can put something together

Nutting -  we have a road and sidewalk plan, and a water/sewer plan, we are putting them together to have a simple 'master plan'

Dellorco - if we are going to present it we have to do it right, otherwise they won't approve

Nutting - the good news is we would present the plan, the council would approve each year

Vallee - we can be reactive, we need to be more proactive

Vallee - the time the ambulance takes to drive to Milford or Norwood, why can't we get a small hospital in town? urgent care, to stabilize a victim before travel

Nutting - to site a hospital is likely a decade of work with permits, etc.

Powderly - it would be a long process, we could talk with the area facilities and see if they would consider opening a satellite facility here

Nutting - this is a business decision, not a charitable operation

none tonight

O.EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

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