Saturday, May 18, 2013

MBTA: new alert service starting June 4

As a long time commuter rail rider, I still subscribe to the T-alerts. What are T-alerts?

An alert service that sends text messages or an email to your phone or mobile device when the line you are subscribed to is having trouble. Wonder why the train is late? Ah, technical difficulty or signal trouble, or police activity. The T-alerts have improved in timeliness over the years. So even though I drive down to RI now, I still subscribe for those occasions when I would take the train in on the weekend or to just keep tabs on what is happening with the Franklin line in particular.


Beginning June 4, the MBTA will begin using a new service to send T-Alerts. As part of the transition, the MBTA is asking all current subscribers to re-subscribe in order to continue receiving T-Alerts. Visit to subscribe or learn more. You must re-subscribe by Thursday, June 4, in order to continue receiving T-Alerts. Thank you.

So if you have subscribed, you should have received the notice above about the change in the service. If you haven't subscribed, maybe now is a good time to do so. Why wait on the platform without knowing? Why not be 'in the know'!

You can select specific time periods of the day for a specific line. I happen to choose all the time periods for the Franklin Line and the email confirmation looks like this:

You have made the following changes to your Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subscriptions:
You subscribed to topics:
  • Franklin Line - AM Peak
  • Franklin Line - Early AM
  • Franklin Line - Evening
  • Franklin Line - Midday
  • Franklin Line - PM Peak
  • Franklin Line - Weekend
You will receive an email update when new information becomes available.

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