Friday, July 19, 2013

Franklin High School - construction update - July 2013

There are some significant developments with the new high school construction.

new entrance traffic pattern

The entrance off Oak St is now two way

new exit traffic pattern

Because the road normally used to exit is now closed off and under construction

the parking lot is under construction

as is the entire parking lot closet to the field house

construction of the walls

this is by design so the parking lot will be completed before Sep 2013

hey, that's cool

someone likes that idea!

brick work continues

the brickwork noticed the last time we visited is making good progress

brick work along the back right corner

the bricked sections are spreading along the back and right side of the building

gymnasium section

the far left corner where the gymnasium will be located is roofed and the walls are starting to fill in

panorama from across the fields

the panorama from the Horace Mann parking lot

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