Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Live reporting - closing


1. Resolution 13-56: The Woodlands - Approval of Amendment to Regulatory Agreement and Transfer of Ownership
motion to waive the reading, approved
motion to move the resolution, seconded

Cerel - the developer failed, the bank took over, the issue from the town perspective is concerned with the housing association maintaining
located off Maple St, over i495 into Bellingham

regulations don't provide guidance for this, advice to approach the town
thanks to the Town Administrators office for crafting the amendment so that the development is marketable
the bank has lost money, the original developer lost money, we need someone to come in to operate the septic system and operations take place with the housing association

8 built and sold, 16 permitted, looking to move the remaining 8 units

motion approved, 7-0 (no roll required at this point as Councilor Mercer dropped off)

2. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-718: Changes to §185-7. Compliance Required – 1st Reading
motion to continue to Aug, passed 7-0

spraying to kill the weeds is underway

the dams at DelCarte are complete, railings to be added, on schedule for playground

regional dispatch on docket at the State

Planning workshop on the 31st at 7:00 Pm

Conservation commission meeting on sidewalk for Panther Way scheduled for tomorrow night

T to repair the rook on the station in August

thanks to the 4th of July committee for a great job

Street plan for downtown now at 100% to go out for bid this fall, construction to begin next spring (2014)

Aug 19th building committee meeting also the presentation by the architect for Davis Thayer

what is time frame for removal of portables for Davis Thayer?
Next July, then Kennedy after

CSX rep to either clean it up or let the Town purchase the land at the corner of Cottage/Union
an offer had been made previously, they had refused before

possible grant coming to allow pay of four firefighters for two years
will help with staffing and reduce overtime


Pfeffer - continuing to drive the issue with the Facilities and access
Nutting - all those things existed when we left it in 2004, it has been valuable temporary space, it has met current code, it is not worth bringing up to code. We have limited staff.
Pfeffer - I give up


Roy - the regional dispatch bill did pass both house and senate this week, on Governor's desk as of Monday.

Bissanti - condolences to the Colace family

Jones - looking to move the anaerobic digestion back to the forefront, the state has just released the plans to

Pfeffer - I am giving up but only for tonight

Powderly - will Lincoln be closed?
Nutting - no, one lane traffic, it will take some time, want to get much done before the school re-opens in Sep

Powderly - thanks for the 4th committee for rallying; thanks for implementing the anonymous comments


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