Monday, July 15, 2013

"issues through a different lens"

Madalyn Becker, an FHS graduation now a junior studying at the Univ of Delaware, is on a volunteer trip to Morocco.
"In terms of my own experience I know that before I started my studies at (the University of Delaware), I knew relativity nothing about Islam or Muslim cultures," she wrote in a lengthy response to emailed questions. "What I knew was mostly from the media, which largely focuses on negative connotations. I think that this is not uncommon among a lot of Americans. 
"This is not to say people are actively seeking to only see the bad in other people, but it takes some conscious effort to have an educated and understanding perspective." 
College, as it often does for America’s youth, prompted her to rethink many of her prior misconceptions about Muslims. Still, beyond the lectures, she yearned for first-hand knowledge. "I think that even as a student who specializes in the area of international relations, there is often a gap between what we read and write and discuss in class and the reality of how people interact and view one another," she wrote. "I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to sort of fill in those gaps and cultivate a stronger foundation for my studies."

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