Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Live reporting - Facilities

Mike D’Angelo, Richard Gaskins

overview of work order process for maintenance within all the Franklin buildings, including the schools
general submittal may take one or two days

Note - dial connection lost for remote participation of Councilor Mercer. He had commented earlier that if he lost connection again he would not re-dial to avoid the hassle for the group

normal easy work orders get approved right away and get into the queue for work. Others requiring more extensive work, or outside work require approval of a facility approval

usually 80-100 work orders open at any time
closing out the work order in a more timely manner; information to close not always readily available
also noting drive-by work is not always recorded

Pfeffer - request for ladders in all buildings?
Gaskins - all the faclities have ladders, an upgrade to better ladders is underway

Pfeffer - what about the roof leaks?
D'Angelo - leaks on single layer buildings are standard we do them all the time

Pfeffer - I am not going to keep you, I am the one complaining the most
there must be a better way to take care of these roofs and the lighting ballasts

Kelly - it could take one or two days to approve/
Gaskins - if it is a higher priority, they would generally call so it would not take that long

Jones - how often do you review the safety measures with the fire chief? I ask because some of the lights in Davis Thayer are non-functional
D'Angelo - we walk through the buildings with the Fire Dept in spring before the issuing of the occupancy permits. Most issues do not apply to us. Paper stacked in the wrong space. The principal would be working with their staff.

D'Angelo - if they are unlit they should be replaced via a work order

Jones - I'd like to know how quickly the issues on the Fire Dept listing get fixed.
D'Angelo - ours get fixed quickly

Gastins - I'd like to commend the custodians on their work, school got out late and they are working hard. It is still the same amount of work to be done

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