Sunday, August 11, 2013

Master Plan - required summer reading

The public hearing on the Master Plan drew about a dozen people to the Franklin Library on Saturday. The presentation document used for the Town Council meeting on Jul 17th was the same document shared on Saturday. It provided a thorough overview of the process to develop the plan and goals/objectives of each section.

It will be important to read the document carefully. This is what will guide all the development efforts for Franklin. It should be referenced as each new proposal comes before a board/committee for consideration. Does it fit within the plan? Does it further the progress of the plan?

The SNETT trail development?
Yes - this covers recreation, sustainability, transportation (circulation), and health aspects of the plan.

The sculpture park being put together at the former town pool location?
Yes - it covers art, outdoor recreation, sustainability and maybe some others I haven't considered.

The proposal for Cook's Farm?
Maybe, it doesn't really fit the definition of the "in fill development" as explained during the meeting. 

The plan is not a budget document. It is a guideline on how we should grown to continue to be a wonderful community. Knowing what the document says about how we should prepare for the future will be as important as understanding the background, interests and agendas for any of the candidates for our municipal election this November. Those who will sit and act on behalf of our best interests will be using this document to guide their actions. We should know the details.

A copy of the Draft Plan is available online at 
at the Franklin Public Library or 
at the Department of Planning & Community Development in Franklin Municipal Building.

Public input will be utilized to formulate the final document. Comments received will be reviewed by the Master Plan Committee and incorporated into a final Master Plan document to be endorsed by the Planning Board and Town Council at meetings during the week of September 16, 2013.

The Committee has a website on the Franklin Town page at:

It also has a presence on Facebook at

My notes from the Public Hearing can be found here:

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