Friday, August 16, 2013

Fallen Hero: Second Lieutenant William G. Hosford, U.S. Army Air Corps

Second Lieutenant William G. Hosford, U.S. Army Air Corps, was born in Franklin on April 1, 1915, son of James R. and Mary Hosford. William lived with his parents and three brothers and three sisters at 22 Queen Street. William graduated from Franklin High School class of 1933 and later attended Michigan State University. 
William completed his flying course of instruction at Craig Field, Alabama and received his wings and commission on December 12, 1941. Second Lieutenant Hosford was assigned to the 35th Air Pursuit Squadron, 8th Pursuit Group, Port Moresby, New Guinae. On June 1, 1942 he was shot down by Japanese machine gun fire while in aerial combat flying a Bell P-39F. 
Second Lieutenant William Hosford had written in letters to family and friends of his eagerness to serve his country even to the point of giving up his life, should it be necessary. When 2nd LT Hosford was called upon to make the supreme sacrifice, those nearest to him knew that he made it willingly. 
Second Lieutenant William G. Hosford was 27 years old at the time of his death and now eternally rests in the Honolulu Memorial Site on Honolulu, Hawaii.
Fallen Hero: 2nd L William Hosford

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