Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fallen Hero: Corporal John J. Kell, U.S. Army

Corporal John J. Kell, U.S. Army, was born in Franklin on November 4, 1924 to parents Archibald and Inez Kell. John lived with his parents, brothers and sisters at 39 Raymond Street and attended the Franklin Schools. 
CPL Kell volunteered from Franklin and served two years with the military police in England before asking for a transfer to active duty on the war front. John received a transfer to the infantry and was on active duty for several months before he was killed in action in Germany on April 17, 1945. 
Memorial services were conducted here in Franklin on May 13, 1945 honoring CPL John J. Kell whose eternal resting place is in an American Cemetery in Germany. 
Corporal Kell was 20 at the time of his death serving his country in World War II.

Fallen Hero: Corporal John Kell

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