Thursday, August 15, 2013

"before we deem it safe for people to go out there"

The disc golf course at Dacey Fields is looking for volunteers to help finish it, rather than folks to play it. Milford Daily News reports in an article in the Weds edition:
Though rough, the course has quickly become popular. But Jette would prefer that people wait until the department finishes its work, urging patience. 
"We are not advertising it for people to get out and play," he said. 
The course has even found fans beyond town lines. Jette said the department recently received a request from the New England Flying Disc Association to stage a tournament there. 
It’s not hard to find players, as the state has a strong disc golf community. "It seems to be a very fast-growing sport," he said. "There are probably about 20 courses in Massachusetts. There are even disc golf stores."

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