Sunday, August 11, 2013

St Rocco's Festival - photo essay

Saturday night was a good night to eat out. Especially with all the choices available at the Annual St Rocco Festival. What did I end up with? New England clam chowder and clam cakes went well accompanied by the Italian music. Topped off with a couple of delicious cannoli's for dessert, I was satisfied for the night!

Singer sings his song

The singer was working the crowd from the dancing area

working the crowd with dancers behind him

At least one grandpa and some kids did some dancing

colorful prizes

When the carnival show is in town, there are prizes!

did you try to catch the golden ring?

The carousel goes round and round

clear blue sky

The rides against the setting sun made for a colorful night

Pharaoh watches from the corner

The Pharaoh was still (for a bit) in the corner!

the big slide

The super slide stood out against the blue sky

how high can you go?

The crazy bus couldn't get as high as the Ferris Wheel!

a festive occasion

The whole atmosphere at the Festival was quite joyous!

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