Monday, January 13, 2014


January 13, 2014
Dear Parents, Guardians, Faculty, Staff and Community Members: 
Today was a challenging day for our community as we face the profound loss of two of our young students.  We want to take a moment to apprise you of what happened today and what will happen in our elementary schools tomorrow. 
Today grief counselors were on site to work with faculty, staff and students. Counselors collaborated with classroom teachers to conduct Open Circle about the accident. As we did not have information on the status of the children, we supported our students and attempted to make them feel safe in the learning environment. We did not have any conversation about loss or grief as this personal conversation is more appropriate between a parent and child. We respect the relationship and role of family in understanding tragedy and how each family approaches these events is based on religious, moral and the values of the family. School personnel do want to usurp the role or authority of the family. 
After school our counselors met with faculty and staff to debrief and plan for Tuesday. We also offered counseling services to parents and families during the evening. Our counselors offer strategies, vocabulary and a script to facilitate these difficult conversations with children. 
On Tuesday our counselors will conduct an Open Circle discussion with classroom teachers in all Davis Thayer classrooms. In all of our other elementary schools the faculty will monitor and assess the status of students and respond accordingly. If students in a class are struggling with this tragedy the staff has prepared an Open Circle dialog.  Other communities have been gracious in offering assistance and as we understand that counseling will be ongoing we will assess on a daily basis. 
If your child/children are experiencing difficulty understanding this tragedy we encourage you to contact your child's school and speak with the administration, the classroom teacher or a counselor. If you do not wish for your child to participate in an Open Circle discussion at your school, please notify your principal, assistant principal or classroom teacher. 
As we face this tragedy we will face it as a community. One of the most enduring characteristics of Franklin is how our community supports one another in times of need. The family of these two young children will need all of our support in the coming days and months. 
On behalf of the school community-thank you. 
The Administrative Team/Franklin Schools
Davis Thayer Elementary School
Davis Thayer Elementary School

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