Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who is that Franklin veteran?

You had a bunch of fun around the holidays as we played "Where in Franklin?" The Historical Museum has a new set of photos of World War II veterans that they are trying to identify.
The museum has many veterans photos we are trying to identify. Some names we know, many we don't. But we are looking for more than a name. Take a look at this first collection of photos, do you recognize an Uncle, Grandfather, Father, friend? Let us know their name and tell us a story, share a memory. Help us honor these men and their lives. While perusing the photos you'll may see a front porch you recognize, you'll see some great shots of vintage autos and views of uptown from the 40's. Leave your comment under a specific photo and contact us with any questions.
A sample of one of the many photos to review and identify

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Go to Facebook to identify this individual

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