Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Live reporting - Waste Management

Robert 'Brutus' Cantoreggi, DPW Director
James Nocella - Waste Management Area Manager

apology for disruption in service
making good progress this wee to get back on track
Weds collection routes were completed
Tues collections was incomplete and will be completed Thursday
Trees will be picked up Thu/Fri
They expect to be back and complete before the weekend

1st time in 4 years, don't want to encounter this again

are 'taking the hit' in terms of resources and overtime being applied to correct the situation
haven't discussed this with

Padula - if you are going to do with anything, please let us know

Cantoreggi - no charge for the overflow bags, all trash was to be picked up
excess trash for next period will be picked up

Kelly -The current contract calls for some penalty measures

frustration on lack of communication about the outage and pickup difficulties

Nocella - we had some expectations from the State to get an exception and that unfortunately did not happen

Cantoreggi - normally a missed pickup would be covered the next day, however this was more broad

Jones - When you don't have an answer and you're supposed to have, it is a problem. One good thing is that the system we had in the most part allowed the recovery  to happen without really having a mess

Pfeffer - if you knew there were no trucks on Friday going, there should have been an announcement on Friday night

Reminder - that next week Monday is the Martin Luther King Holiday and trash pickup will be delayed one day


Text of the letter from Waste Management to Franklin

January 15,2014

Mr. Robert Cantoreggi
Town of Franklin
Director of Public Works
257 Fisher St.
Franklin, Ma 02038-1352

Re: Service Delay

Dear Mr. Cantoreggi:

First, on behalf of Waste Management, let me extend our apology to the residents of Franklin and the
Town staff that have experienced the frustration and inconvenience caused by the recent trash and
recycling service delays. As your vendor of nearly four years, we trust that you know our goal is to
always complete our collection obligations on time and to the satisfaction of all.

As you know, the disruption initially occurred as a result of the significant storm that impacted the
area on January 2nd and 3rd• We made the decision to cancel collections on January 3rd, due to the
conditions, in a week where the holiday had already delayed normal collections until Saturday. This
storm was followed by a period of extreme cold temperature that impacted the performance of our
equipment causing further delays.

Service delays due to the extreme conditions we encountered was further complicated by the DOT
Hours of Service restrictions that require a rest period for any CDL driver once they reach 60 hours of
work in any 7-day period.

Since we experienced these same difficulties in the majority of our New England operations, it
limited our ability to bring in the additional resources needed to expedite collections and bring us
back to the normal schedule.

Please know that we are working diligently and utilizing every resource available to rectify the
situation as soon as possible. We will continue to communicate and work closely with you and your
staff until we have fully recovered and returned to normal operations.

Again, we offer our sincere apology for the delays that have been experienced and we look forward to
restoring the resident's confidence in Waste Management in the very near future.


Waste Management

James Nocella
Area Manager, Public Sector Services

And the full PDF of the document

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