Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live reporting: Closing items

additional signage for school signs, $60K

looking to get the money for SNETT trail to be released by the Governor

bringing before you some Fiscal 2015 budget adjustments

reminder on Question 5
for road improvements, funds can only be spent on roads
a permanent increase in taxes
will star to address the $50M backlog of road repairs
about $130 per year per household, don't skip the ballot questions

Pfeffer - the folks appointed tonight were all on the first building committee, want to finish the building

TV studio to see the progress on the building
the generator, and the other items being stored from the old high school

The old South Church
uncertainty on what the building can be used for some work required, 1856
what can the town use it for?
need to know the actually and official status

if the building is under the historical society, what does it really mean
it is the oldest church in Franklin

we can give you a written reponse
we have a copy of the deed to the town, are the owner of the building
the deed is not the best written
one should have a lot more info
there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle to be figured out

why when a published author speaks at the Library
the Library trustees have a long standing policy prohibiting the sale for profit

They should go talk to the Library Board

the recycling center is going well, over 70 last two Sundays

stroke awareness program well received at the Senior Center
Friends of Franklin Elders provided the refreshments
the cable show taped it and it will be available for replay

extras trucks will be going around, bags will also be available

Franklin Housing Trust is putting together a modular house with Tri-County school
good work by them, it was true and stayed true when moved
it will be part of the lottery next year

Condolences to the Cusson family on the loss of their daughter

motion to adjourn, passed

The documents released for this agenda can be found here

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