Wednesday, October 15, 2014

live reporting - Public Hearing - Liquor license compliance

Stephan Semerjian, Chief of Police

introducing new police officers
(photo to be added)

Sargent Alan Thibeault going to retire
one of the old guard, came through some difficult times, weathered the storm and did it well, doesn't like the attention, lifelong Franklin resident

Chairman Vallee reads proclamation for Sargent Thibeault

Padula - I grew up next to Alan
had some trouble spinning his wheels on the high school grass
Alan helped him

Alcoholic Beverages Licensees – Failure to Pass Compliance Check – 7:10
• 99Restaurant
conducted Sep 26th with underage license check, 3 were not open, 2 did fail the operation
9:00 PM under cover operative entered, asked for a Bud Lite received and paid for the drink without carding

99 representatives do not dispute the facts
Operations director, we always take precaution, it is embarrassing as it is Boys and Girls Club fund raising month; bartender fired immediately (part of their policy)
all servers re-took class and exam, working to ensure it never happens again
had not occurred in the 7 years of operation; sympathetic and apologetic
I stand humble before you

recommendation 1 day suspension, 2 days held in reserve for a period of two years

Padula - Clarification on section of policy that applies to the sting operations

Bissanti - the compliance check notification is sent?
Yes, we knew
The bartender completely failed to do that, put a black eye on the restaurant, he lost his job

Vote via roll, unanimous

• British Beer Company
now that the package is given with the license renewal, we don't do another notification (we used to)
asked for Bud Lite, paid for it with a $20 received the change

also a first offense, recommendation like for 99
3 day suspension, 1 day to be served; 2 days held in abeyance

we do acknowledge that we were stung 
we are a family establishment, we have been in business for 17 years it is our first offence, not proud of our first offense

it is an embarrassment for our company
each pub is our own individual family, the leaders take ownership
The bartender was suspended immediately, for a week
has retaken the course and is back at work
has been a good employee and has not had any other cause for

we love Franklin and plan on being here for a long time

Padula - they are taken steps, they are apologetic, they are good corporate partners

Pfeffer- thank you for the suspension and for not firing the bartender

Padula - motion to serve on October 31 with two days held, 
vote via roll call, unanimous

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