Monday, October 13, 2014

"What is democracy for the Internet era?" (video)

Pia Mancini gave a TED Talk recently on "How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era." During her talk she says:
"it seems like the 18th-century slogan that was the basis for the formation of our modern democracies, "No taxation without representation," can now be updated to "No representation without a conversation." We want our seat at the table."

To extend her idea to an app some Franklin folks are already using, we could incorporate the feedback and conversation into the app that we used to report potholes or broken street lights. Imagine having such a poll and conversation with a tool in most folks hands. Yes, it is not in everyones' hand but access is available on desktop and laptop computers.

Franklin Smart Phone app
Franklin Smart Phone app

For more about the Commonwealth Connections app visit here

For more about Pia and her efforts to update democracy in Argentina follow this link

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